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Privacy Notice

EnQuest PLC (the “Company”) Privacy Notice

At EnQuest, we are committed to protecting the privacy of our employees, clients, suppliers, candidates and investors. We shall ensure that information submitted shall be used only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Notice. 

1.    The Information we gather, store and process
EnQuest shall collect personal details, including but not limited to names, contact details and any other relevant information. Where necessary, EnQuest may also request some sensitive personal information.

Information provided to EnQuest shall be processed and stored by us:
a.    to enable us to pay employees;
b.    for procurement purposes;
c.    to match candidate skills and experience to job vacancies; 
d.    to fulfil contractual and legal obligations with our employees, clients, suppliers, candidates and investors and regulatory authorities.

2.    Principles
In accordance with the Company's obligations under the GDPR, we require that personal data be:

  • processed in a fair, lawful and transparently manner;

  • collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not further processed in a manner incompatible with those purposes;

  • adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which it is processed;

  • accurate, and where necessary, up to date;

  • held for no longer than necessary; and

  • secure and protected against a personal data breach.

3.    Legal Basis
EnQuest shall only process personal data where it is necessary, and the Company has a valid lawful basis to do so. The lawful bases for processing that apply to personal data processed by the Company are set out below. We must ensure that at least one of these bases apply whenever the Company processes personal data:

  • a) Performance of Contract
    the processing is necessary for a contract that the Company has with the employee, client,   supplier, candidate or investor, or because such person has asked the Company to undertake specific steps before entering into a contract with the Company.

  • b) Legal Obligation
    the processing is necessary for the Company to comply with its legal or regulatory obligations.

  • c) Legitimate Interest
    The processing is necessary to enable EnQuest personnel to carry out their job. Legitimate Interest must be a reasonable expectation’ or a ‘relevant and appropriate reason’ for processing of personal data (Rec. 47) and is assessed using the following criteria:

    • What is the legitimate interest that you have to process the data?

    • Can you show that processing the data is necessary in order to achieve what you need to do?

    • Could processing the data affect the rights or freedoms of the person?

  • d) Consent
    EnQuest ensures that the following checks are made once we have ascertained that consent is the most appropriate lawful basis for processing:

    • We have made the request for consent prominent and separate from our terms and conditions;

    • We ask people to positively opt in;

    • We don’t use pre-ticked boxes or any other type of default consent;

    • We use clear, plain language that is easy to understand;

    • We specify why we want the data and what we’re going to do with it;

    • We give separate distinct (‘granular’) options to consent separately to different purposes and types of processing;

    • We name our organisation and any third party controllers who will be relying on the consent;

    • We tell individuals they can withdraw their consent;

    • We ensure that individuals can refuse to consent without detriment;

    • We avoid making consent a precondition of a service.

4.    Shared Data
Any shared information is freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous. Please note that this information must be used for the sole purpose for which it was intended. To ensure compliance with GDPR, EnQuest requests that all shared information is deleted once it is no longer required for the original purpose.

If information is transferred, it will only be shared with another organisation or third party such as a payroll company, in a way that individuals would expect.
All departments responsible for third party service providers will need to ensure that such parties sign a written contract which includes appropriate data protection obligations (in line with the GDPR) that have been approved by the HR, Legal and/or Compliance Department(s).

The Company shall not otherwise disclose personal data to third parties unless: 

  • the disclosure is to comply with the Company's legal or regulatory obligations; or

  • an employee has acted adversely to the Company's interest and disclosure is required in order to protect Company interests.

All requests for employment verification or references should be directed to the HR Department and will be subject to receiving consent from the relevant employee. 

5.    Data Transfer to third countries
It may be necessary to transfer data to countries outside the EU to enable processing such as for payroll.

Certain prescribed information is defined and documented clearly between the parties, such as the categories of personal data involved and purposes for which it is being transferred, as per the Register of Processing Activity (ROPA).

Since these transfers will not be made on the basis of an adequacy decision, the necessary safeguards have been put in place in accordance with Article 46 and Directive 95/46/EC model clauses and Article 49(c) of the GDPR. You can obtain a copy of the safeguards by contacting EnQuest.

6.    Access Rights
Any individual who has their data processed by the Company has the following rights in relation to such processing:

  • a.    The right to be informed about how the Company uses personal data and an individual's rights relating to such personal data. The Company is required to provide this information in a clear, transparent and easily understandable format 

  • b.    The right of access to the personal data which is processed and information about how it is being used.

  • c.    The right to rectification if personal data is inaccurate or incomplete.

  • d.    The right to erasure in certain circumstances where there is no reason for the Company to continue to process the data.

  • e.    The right to restrict further processing of personal data.

  • f.    The right to data portability of personal data between different service providers.

  • g.    The right to object to certain types of processing, such as direct marketing.

  • h.    The right not to be subject to decisions based solely on automated decision-making, including profiling.

EnQuest may limit or deny requests for access or charge reasonable fees for access, except where prohibited by applicable law.

The lawful basis for processing can also affect which rights are available to individuals.
Please note that such information is necessary for the performance of the services that EnQuest provide, and any request to withdraw consent for processing, object to processing or request erasure of your information may result in EnQuest being unable to continue providing relevant services to you.

7.    Curriculum Vitae of Candidates
EnQuest will give you the opportunity to apply for a specific advertised job via our website as they come up. CVs will be stored in EnQuest’s database and will be accessible only by authorised staff members.

Candidates can update their CVs any time by simply following the same procedure as submitting a new CV.  Following receipt of an updated CV, any existing CV will be deleted from EnQuest’s systems.

8.    Equal Opportunities
EnQuest is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to diversity.  This means that all employees, clients, suppliers, candidates and investors will receive equal treatment and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age.

9.    Cookies
When you visit our website, we use cookies, which are small pieces of information that allow us to maintain your connection to our website. This website may use cookies for detecting what kind of device you have in order to present content in the best way, for a language switch and/or for other purposes. These cookies do not collect or store any personally identifiable information. You can refuse the use of cookies.

10.    How to customise the use of Cookies
You may manage the use of cookies by using the link at the bottom of this page. However, if you decline cookies you may lose some useful functionality such as personalisation and "keep me signed in" and "remember me" features.

11.    Website
We will not collect any information about individuals, except where it is specifically and knowingly provided by them. We are assisted by 3WBS Ltd t/a Wisetiger to assist us with our website, digital marketing and e-mailing services. They have agreed that they will not use your data in any way you have not consented to. 

When you visit our website, our web server collects some basic information such as your internet service provider's domain name, which pages you accessed on our site, and when. We use this information only to analyse the use of our website to help guide improvements. We do not collect any personally identifiable information.

12.    How to contact EnQuest
If you require information on how to exercise your rights once you have contacted EnQuest or if you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, please contact us at:

Annan House
Palmerston Road
Aberdeen, AB11 5QP
United Kingdom

Tel:            +44 (0)1224 975000 
Contact:    Data Protection Officer

If we are unable to resolve your query, you can contact the Information Commissioner at or telephone: 0303 123 1113 for further information about your rights and how to make a formal complaint.

EnQuest reserves the right to modify this Privacy Notice at any time. Please regularly check this page to keep abreast of any changes.