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Our logo

Positive, mono and negative versions

To ensure consistency throughout all communications it’s important to use the correct brand mark.

Our logo consists of two components: the symbol and the logotype, the two must always appear together and neither must be used on its own. The preferred version of the logo is the graduated version. Use this where possible and only use the mono or white versions of the logo where absolutely necessary.

Always use the logotype artwork provided. Never try to recreate the logotype independently as all letterforms have been modified to ensure the logotype is unique to EnQuest.

Primary version of the logo

Mono versions of the logo

Mono versions of the logo are available in EnQuest Dark Blue or Black but the primary graduated version of the logo is always preferred. 

White out version of the logo

The white out version should be used on a photographic background or other background colour where the logo needs to stand out. Ensure the logo is legible on the background chosen.

Download EnQuest logo artwork

Logo artworks can be downloaded as SVG or PNG files. For professional printing and web design please use .SVG files whilst .PNG files can be used for Word, PowerPoint and other documents.