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Gender pay gap

In line with the requirement for gender pay gap reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, EnQuest’s gender pay gap results following analysis of our staff in the UK are set out below.

When assessing these results, it is important to remember that the calculations take no account of the seniority or type of role of the individual, nor do they adjust for the impact of flexible working arrangements. Having a gender pay gap does not mean that the pay practices at EnQuest are unequal. As a Company, we are absolutely committed to delivering equal pay and we do not believe that we have an equal pay issue within EnQuest.

Pay Gap as of April 2022:

 % Gap
Mean Pay Gap    17.8%
Median Pay Gap    13.5%

Bonus Gap for the Period April 2021 – March 2022:

   % Gap
Mean Bonus Gap21.5%
Median Bonus Gap(43.7)%*

* The median bonus paid to women was higher than that paid to men in the reporting period

Percentage of Employees Awarded a Bonus:

   % in Receipt
Male    74.9%
Female    81.8%

Gender Pay Quartiles

 Males, %    Females, %
Q4 Upper pay quartile (75% - 100%)    89.0%    11.0%
Q3 Upper middle pay quartile (50% - 75%)    96.0%    4.0%
Q2 Lower middle pay quartile (25% - 50%)    85.7%    14.3%
Q1 Lower pay quartile (0% - 25%)    73.8%    26.2%
TOTAL:    86.1%    13.9%